The Principle Mentality For Practitioners Regarding Patient Safety

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The Principle Mentality for Practitioners Regarding Patient Safety The platitude “mankind is not perfect” ceases to exist in health care facilities. When an individual is admitted to the hospital, it is projected that the treatment provided by the practitioners will not cause that patient any unnecessary harm. Regardless of what is expected, patients are constantly being harmed by their health care providers as a consequence of their treatment. According to an evidence based estimate, “210,000 deaths per year was associated with preventable harm in hospitals” (James 2013). In order to improve those number, the QSEN Competencies has created a format to improve patient safety. The categories are based on knowledge, skills and attitude. In…show more content…
Creating a culture of safety Having knowledge about the hazards and errors that nurses are prone to supplies an upper hand to practitioners in creating a safer health environment. Succeeding protocol and having confidence in the work system is the key to creating a culture safe environment. The QSEN Competency describe culture safety as following a working system guidelines, to avoid negligible errors while attempting to give care to patients (Sherwood 2015). QSEN Competencies has been “adopting guidelines from high performance industries such as aviation, to create a safer environment for patients” (Sherwood 2015). This system highlights what specific changes are necessary to prevent adverse events, through series of steps. Creating a culture safe environment takes time; therefore, future nurses should acquire safety knowledge during nursing school. Applying this system is significant because it encourages health care facilities to follow a system that has been proven to work, thus minimizing preventable adverse event (PAE). Upcoming nurses will step into the health field tremendously competent, trained in a confirmed clinical protocol. In addition to proper guidelines, nurses can build on their quality care by improving communication with both the coworker and the family members of their patients. Keeping coworker and family members informed is not only an act of civility but

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