The Principles of Mental Health Promotion in Relation to the Mental Health of Refugees

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While health issues affecting refugees differ depending on the area of origin, temperament and extent of the refugee experience, there is an increased demand for productive mental health promotion policies that raises the mental health promotion practices and policies for refugees worldwide. The increasing global recognition of the call to promote mental health is a fundamental portion of enhancing population well-being and health besides lowering the increasing burden of mental health problems among refugees. These efforts call for dissemination and identification of sustainable and effective mental health promotion and prevention interventions. This paper discusses the principles of mental health promotion in relation to the mental health of refugees. The paper brings together feasible nurses intervention strategies that promote the mental wellbeing and develop emotional resilience of refugees and their families.
Mental health promotion refers to the development of positive mental health for, and with communities and individuals, experiencing mental health issues (Wand 2011, p. 131). It entails a sustainable and strategic perspective to minimizing and eliminating the aspects that promote loss of wellbeing and distress. Mental health promotion centers on establishing and capitalizing on factors that form conditions where all can prosper (Wand…
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