The Privacy Of Online Consumers And Search Engines

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How come google knows where a computer user has been? Social medias and search engines have access to all the info that is deleted,saved or that people have in their browser and can access it at any time.Search engines like Google have all the data that people have used in their lifetime from every person in the world and all the data users think they have deleted that data is actually being saved in hard drives on the Google Headquarters. The thesis statement is that search engines are invading the privacy of online consumers and search engines should not invade consumer privacy because these Search engine companies have no business in finding what the user is doing on the internet .Social media and Search engines are invading the privacy of internet users all around the world and keep track of all user info on the computers and this should not be allowed in any way..According to Caitlin Dewey , reporter in Washington D.C from the washington post it states”Google has,since 2009,published a transparency tool called Dashboard which lets users see exactly what kind of data the internet giant has on them and from which services.” This quote shows that since 2009 Google decided to create the tool Dashboard which makes it easier for google to see what other computer consumers are using.Another quote relating to this issue also from(Dewey,2014) it states “The issue of data collection has provoked renewed anxiety of late,perhaps spurred by recent investigations into personal…
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