The Problem Of A Medical Disorder Essay

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TVs playing. Texts incoming. Phone calls ringing. Music streaming. In today’s entertainment heavy and device rich world, today’s youth have more choices as to where in to invest their focus. As a result of these plentiful distractions, misconceptions and lores are developing around the actual, factual instances of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder among today’s young learners. Regardless of what these public beliefs suggest, research on the disorder and the scientific method has more substantial information to provide. For this reason, ADHD’s contentious reputation entitles it to an intricate overview. Indeed, scientists and research support that ADHD is a diagnosable condition that can be found among young students, has a homogenous set of treatment options, renders a student eligible for educational assistance in a majority of today’s classrooms, in spite of its semi-controversial reputation. For starters, in the process of classifying a medical disorder, there must be an observable set of abnormal mental or physical processes. Secondly, the world of medicine prefers and requires a large body of research and peer review of proposed symptoms before a disorder is officially labeled a disorder. In short, ADHD has undergone both trials and been deemed a recognizable disorder. To explicate, the CDC reports that in order for any individual to have a diagnosis of being both attention deficit and hyperactive, they must exhibit five out of ten personality traits in two

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