The Problem Of Anomie Strain Theory Essay

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This school absolutely did not fit my learning style or personality. I had some experiences with a teacher where my confidence was challenged and beaten down in front of the class. This made me feel stupid and embarrassed on a daily basis for the first seven months of the school year. As a result, I turned into a broken child with no confidence in my ability to perform in school because I because I learned to fear failure and hate criticism in front of the class. My parents pulled me out of the school about three months before the year ended, which allowed me to recover. This story relates to anomie strain theory because after my experience with this teacher I was feeling as if I was not good enough to achieve the simple goals set in front of me. Unfortunately, the school environment substantially affected me during this time on a psychological level. In contrast, if I was the person I am now and was challenged by a professor I would have loved it and the experience would have fueled me to perform well. However, that is not the case for an insecure sixth grader. In relation to GST this experience led to me to not put effort into my academics at my new school the following few years. I also started involving myself with the wrong crowd and engaging in mild delinquent behavior. These behaviors became sources that let out my anger and frustration of not being “good enough”. As a result of the strain, I believe I chose to engage in inappropriate behaviors as a coping mechanism.
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