The Problem Of Car Accidents

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The common saying of “The chain is only as strong as the weakest link” serves a great resemblance in many topics of the world today. Car accidents are similar, it takes one person to set off a chain reaction of cars tumbling into each other and causing a catastrophe. Self Driving cars can take away that chain reaction and save many lives. For example, in the United States alone there are 42,000 traffic-related deaths each year (Speksnijder 1). This number is more than it seems to be. With many major companies all in the works to make autonomous cars a reality it can reduce these numbers to practically zero, ”Accidents are expected to decrease between 30%-80% once self-driving cars are broadly available” (Surden 6). As stated in an article …show more content…

The majority of the 120-mile trip the driver is observing from the comfort of his sleeping quotes (Cava n.pag). Although the driver can 't sleep all through the trip. The driver only drives when they are not on the highways of America (Cava n.pag). The company was such a good idea that both the founders and the company were bought out by Uber (Cava n.pag). Families with children would be worried as to the safety of these vehicles. Meanwhile, Google is taking all this information into consideration of what these parents are worried about. Their driverless cars are the most sophisticated car in the entire world. This is how it works. Every car today has something called a subsystem, subsystems are elements in the car that the driver can not control. For instance, airbag, emergency braking, cruise control, automatic parking and lane keeping (Surden 4). These are also called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS(Surden 4), and can be found in almost every brand new car on the roads today. Google car has an additional two subsystems, one for steering and one for braking(Surden 4). This leaves the car that ability to steer and brake without the assistance of a human entity holding the steering wheel. When it comes to how the car takes the information and turns it into actions, for instance when there is a pedestrian and the car needs to stop. The car runs all the information that it gathers through the car

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