The Problem Of Computer Security

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Computer security has been creating issues in the news lately. Almost every week, corrupt forces try to take down high-profile websites. Companies lose millions of dollars and suffer damage to computer systems. As a result, large companies spend thousands of dollars on security systems and products to protect the doors to their corporate networks.
It 's hard to set a barrier for the intruders. Most systems administrators and users have built up a tolerance to attempted hacking. They have accepted intruders as the norm.
An intruder attack is only one side of security .Viruses are another big security threat; the fact that they spread easily only increases their infestations. For example, worm viruses spread when users open email attachments, which cause the virus to email itself to the user 's entire contact list. Other Trojan horse viruses can come into your system and leave a back door for intruders who will use your computer as a Threat Machine to spread or to make countless attacks on other users machines.
Because the operating system plays an important role in a computer 's functioning, and because it 's the only layer between the machine 's available resources and its users, it 's critical that the OS resists compromise.
Hardening is this process of establishing a strong security wall against unknown threats. System administrators harden against whatever they think could be a threat. This guide is designed to provide a reference for system administrators who need to

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