The Problem Of Computer Security

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Introduction Majority of the computers sold worldwide are represented by portable computers nowadays. An old cliche of computer security is that if an attacker has access to a computer, that attacker has access to the data of that computer. The issues that the specialists in IT domain are facing is to protect the data that may end up in an attacker hands. If a laptop is lost or stolen, the data on it may end up in unauthorized third party 's hands. An average price to pay for an organization if it loses a computer may be very expensive. The number one expense the company will have to face isn 't replacing the laptop but figuring out the information data that was lost and how it can harm the organization if the information ends up in competitors posession. To minimize to possibility of sensible data to be recovered from a lost storage by a third party we can use BitLocker or BitLocker To Go. If an encrypted storage is lost than all the company 's expenses are reduced to covering the price of the laptop that was lost or stolen. If a portable computer is protected by BitLocker, you can be almost certain that any data hosted on that misplaced computer will be inaccessible to unauthorized third parties. In numerous of companies people write a lot of data on the USB devices anyone can purchase in stores. Sometimes when people lose the USB device they don 't necessarily let others know about that even if a sensible data was lost. C BitLocker to Go may be configured so it denies

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