The Problem Of Defective Yoga Pants

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Background: This case study analysis will define the problem of defective yoga pants products, corporate corruption, and the growing media conflict of “weigh shaming” in the sizes-2-12 limits on Lululemon yoga pants. Lululemon has seen a fall in the price of stock market shares due to these major defects of yoga pants products and corporate unethical decision making processes. The Problem: Lululemon has a growing reputation for making defective yoga pants (due to sheerness and “see-through”), which has made it necessary tore call these products from the retail markets. More so, various customers were upset with the neglect of corporate management to effectively address and respond to the low quality material of the yoga pants. In some cases, women’s yoga pants were sheer enough to be “see-through” when the material was stretched. Customers were then asked to “bend over” in the store for store employees/managers to ensure that the pants had, in fact, were “see-through” due to sheerness (Lululemon Athletica Inc. 2014, p.7). This caused embarrassment and anger from customers that perceived they were experiencing low quality customer service. Lululemon also responsible limiting their yoga pants in the 2-12 size range, which expressed a specific bias towards women that were perceived to be overweight. In response to complaints on Facebook involving “weight shaming” by the company, a digital representative provided a callous and uninformative response that provide an

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