The Problem Of Evil : An Argument Against Religion Essay

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The problem of evil is a topic that has been argued by scholars and philosophers for centuries. Personally, I do not find it as the best argument against religion nor do I find it the best argument for atheism. I do believe that these discussions can be very effective towards the literalist points of view in religions. This is who I will be addressing in this discussion. Those that believe in the literal Adam and Eve story and the implications of what that means. Those that believe that their God is all knowing, all powerful, and all good. Those that believe that if you don’t believe exactly as they do, then you deserve to be tortured for eternity. Many religious individuals have problems with the implications of the former statements. Even when I was still a believer I had a hard time believing that my friends that were born and raised in a Hindu predominate society would be tortured for eternity. I will write on logical and evidential arguments without separating the two and will be referring to different figures in a masculine format even though they are generally thought of as beyond gender. One of the main arguments that I’ve heard for the problem of evil is free will. To simply put it, evil exists because we have free will. God wants us to have free will so he doesn’t do anything to impede it. Therefore, we are the cause of evil. This argument is usually broken into moral and natural evil (Tooley, 2015). The moral evil is the common reference when

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