The Problem Of Financial Conflict

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Facing Financial Conflicts Money is a frequent source of conflict in marriage. While it can bring great opportunities, marriage can also bring stress and strain if couples do not approach their finances and priorities realistically. Working as partners is important to resolve the issues of finances and they can have a healthier relationship. Financial issues may result from one spouse be saver and one spouse being a spender, no budget planning or the opposite there is a budget, but it may be too strict. Unresolved conflict in finances can lead to divorce; the couple are unable to talk about their finances and repair the damage to the marriage. Results from a recent interview by the author with a couple reveal their relationship struggle with financial conflict. For this research paper, the writer choose to discuss financial conflict. In conclusion, the writer will provide statistic data, description of financial issues, techniques to help the couple, Biblical insights and homework. Summary Conflict begins when on person does not get something they want (Parrott & Parrott, 2005). Opposite attract, as mention in the next section one spouse may be a saver and the other spouse may be a spender, preventing the couple to come into agreement on the finances. Different financial strategies can cause conflict in a marriage. It may be difficult to discuss financial issues in the marriage, but talking to each other will enhance the understanding of the

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