The Problem Of Gender Sexism

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Nowadays, there are still a lot of powerless groups exist in this world, such as the group of women. The problem of gender sexism exists from the beginning of the history and still continues in today’s society. Women are still inferior to men in my country, whether from family and job status, social position and political views, women are treated unequal and disrespectful, therefore, this problem needs more abundant attention. “Sexism, like many forms of prejudice, only survives in a traditional environments and this is how it continues in China” from All-China Women’s Federation’s website, yet this problem is still happening in China, but there must be a way to solve it.
Since ancient times, people have thought that men should give priority to their jobs and the society and women should take family as the core. As a result, men and women are created and have different definitions. Gender is actually made by the society and its meaning is also created by the society. I do not know such a definition is good or bad. The good one is that distinction between men and women makes the society get balanced development. Women and other family members take care of the family and men make more contributions to the family and society. But the weakness is that some feudal and extreme cultures would develop the distinction of gender into discrimination. In many developing countries, women are considered to be lower than men. The distinction of gender can exist, but it should exist

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