The Problem Of Global Justice Essay

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Associative duties in a Global Justice perspective

The problem of Global Justice

The study of justice concerns with obligations with which we must treat others fairly in a range of domains, including over distributive and recognitional matters. So a theory of global justice aims to give us an account of what justice on a global scale consists in. It is very well understood, with multiple highly developed theories offering alternative solutions to well-defined problems, therefore as long as it is no clear what the main questions are, we could formulate a lot of possible answers. In a broader sense, the international requirements of justice include standards governing of justification and conduct of war and standards that define the most basic human rights.1

Two central perspectives of traditional political theory of justice was formulated by Thomas Hobbes and John Rawls. The first one considered the political concept of justice in comparison with the issue of sovereignty, whereas the second one pursed an important study about justice and equality. According with Thomas Hobbes, justice is a property of relations among human beings requires government as an enabling condition: he saw, in the international arena, separate sovereigns facing each other in a state of war, from which both justice and injustice are absent. Whereas the issue of justice and equality proposed by John Rawls claims that the liberal requirements of justice include a substantial component of equality
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