The Problem Of Good And Evil

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The problem of good and evil in the world has been a challenging subject for hundreds, even thousands of years. If God is all powerful – omnipotent, all knowing – omniscient, and all good – omnibenevolent, how can that same God allow evil to exist and for bad things to happen to good people? Unfortunately, this question has no certain answer, only theories of explanation. This question is also one of the main queries of my personal life that drives my beliefs - agnosticism. If an all powerful God does exist, I can’t imagine why He would allow such atrocities, such as cancers, hunger, genocides – just to name a few – to occur in our world. I would like to dissect this essay and discuss it with three different theories. The first theory …show more content…

“He wants to transform us into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ. He wants to consecrate and set us apart unto Himself” (Otto, 2014). By God testing us, He is slowly molding us into sanctified creatures that will be worthy of eternal happiness when we die. The third topic that Otto touches on as to why God tests us is the simple fact to establish our faith in Him. Otto makes a very valid point, “It’s very easy to have faith in God when everything is going good and great, but let any kind of severe adversity come knocking on our doors, and many Christians will start to lose their faith in God once the going starts to really get tough” (Otto, 2014). I understand these Christian concepts – I understand that God wants devote followers, ones that will not turn on Him in times of trouble, but daily struggles and challenges are much different than moral evil – God should not have to test our faith by placing cancer, famine, war, genocides, etc. into the world. In my opinion these types of evils are unnecessary and excessive to be used as a test of faith. The second theory I would like to visit is the idea that God exists, however He is not all powerful and is unable to eliminate evil from the world. The author James Beebe illustrates that argument with this theory: if God is all-powerful, He would be able eliminate the evil and suffering in the world (Beebe, 2012). Furthermore, if God were morally perfect, then surely He would

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