The Problem Of Hiv / Aids

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Public Health costs us, as tax payers, a lot of money. Without public health initiatives, diseases such as small pox would still be with us, and other diseases, such as antibiotic- resistant staphylococcus would get out of control and cause sickness and death throughout the country. As taxpayers we rely on our government to ensure that we get “good value” for our money.
In Australia our health is very good compared to may nation of the world and most citizens’ have come to expect a high standard of public health delivery. In order to at least sustain the current level of public health and important tissue to consider is what areas within public health should we invest public funding i. e taxpayer’s money, to …show more content…

Ignorance and lack of knowledge about this disease is the root cause of its wide spread (Connecting World Team). In order to reduce the amount of victims (need a word) to this disease.

How it affects the body?
HIV/Aids have a significant impact on the human body. Most particularly the immune system. Our immune system is vital as it protects our body from foreign invading diseases which result in pathogenic organisms. Pathogenic organisms are the source of most sicknesses. The Human deficiency virus is a disease incomparable to any other as it specifically attacks the body’s Helper T cells. This disease is a retrovirus which basically means its genetic material consists of RNA which has the ability to make a DNA copy of itself (All contents copyright © 2000. All rights reserved., 2000). This specific virus binds itself to a surface receptor located on a Helper T cell, here the cell multiplies and the release of the new virus destroys the original white blood cell. The second stage to this destructive disease is AIDS; which occur when the T- cells are too weak to fight off the disease. (All contents copyright © 2000. All rights reserved., 2000) . Without an adequate supply of Helper-T cells, the immune system cannot signal B cells to produce antibodies to destroy the infected cells.
An antibody is a blood protein which is produced in response to counteract a

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