The Problem Of Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking In today’s world, reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern day form of slavery is considered human trafficking. Human trafficking is a very significant issue, but is hard issue to spot. Men, women and children are trafficked within the country they resided in and even across international borders. Human trafficking takes millions against their will.
However, there is truly only one defendable side to the issue of human trafficking, which is the side of the victims. The victims are “often drugged and forced into sexual encounters with strangers while their captors collect the money. It can take many years, according to the series, for these young people to completely reveal what has happened to them for fear of retaliation from their pimps” (Human Trafficking). They are affected by these encounters for the rest of their lives. The captors of the innocent victims are usually in a business, accumulating millions of dollars each year. It is a shame that people are apart of domestic and international businesses that rob the lives of innocent people. Human trafficking is a problem that takes place all over the world, even in our own country today. Since this is a serious issue in our country, each level of government has different ways of dealing with this issue. Our local, state, and national government are all involved in trying to control this problem.
Furthermore, the New York State government does not take this

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