The Problem Of Low Class Working Families

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For some people, life is colorful and comfortable. However, to some people life is tough, destitute and merciless. The older people get, the more responsible they are. People need to face with many things in life with many various aspects, some can find the ways to solve the problems, and for some people, especially low income working family. They are still struggling for jobs. and seeking for better opportunities. Most of them belongs to “working families”. They are a part of the family which has two heads of household work and those people have regular jobs called “blue collar” with a minimum wage and hours of working. The result is that problems come to them easily, especially in the United States. Since the economy of the world gets…show more content…
For example, in the article named “80 percent of U.S adults face near-poverty, unemployment, survey finds” of CBS news, a woman named Irene Salyers said “If you do try to go apply for a job, they 're not hiring people, and they 're not paying that much to even go to work”. This is really showing the fact of working poor people have less opportunities in finding a job that lead them to unemployment. Unskilled and low-skilled workers are always the suspect of excretion from enterprises, this is also the way that push working poor people have jobless. The next issue of low working people is that minimum wage, although they have a job. Most of the Americans have loans from the government while they attended in college and university. The fact is that they need to pay for the loans even if they don’t want in debts. Some people will work during attending in school to pay off the loans, because of the lack of studying-time during working, these people will drop out school easily. No more knowledge, no more skill, these people become low- skills that make them have minimum wages if they are hired. When people have minimum wages, they can’t afford to high life in the USA, they can’t support enough for their families. This is serious problems of low-income families, so there is
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