The Problem Of Stem And Gender Inequality

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STEM, also known as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is the field that is advancing at a rapid rate. Within STEM, there are many occupations across the four fields. As the years go on, more and more people start to have a growing interest in STEM, but this can’t be said for women. Women almost take up half of the workforce, but when it comes to STEM, women only take about 24%, almost half of the women aren’t participating in STEM. The numbers continue to get worse. From 2000 - 2009, the numbers have remained at a constant 24%. At this rate, employers could potentially see a decline in women, but there have been efforts to change this rate (Beede et al par. 6). This could mean big problems for the world as more problems will arise and there’s nothing to be done because of companies are non-diverse and underemployed. The main problem employers are seeing is gender inequality. Gender inequality is when a group of people, in this case women, are existing with an unequal amount of opportunities and rewards. It’s a big issue and it specifically shows in STEM. Women are underpaid; even though the hourly wage is high, women aren’t present enough in STEM. To address the gender inequality gap, employers and schools should introduce women at a young age. Introducing women early is key because women are being underrepresented, not introducing STEM activities in school and women not being paid as much as men. There are reasons on why women are not present in STEM. The

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