The Problem Of The Cancer War

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It is said that three in five Americans will develop the horrible disease called cancer. Any living thing on this planet has the possibility of developing this uncontrollable disease. This includes scientists, medical doctors, regulators, owners of drug companies, along with their loved ones, meaning that they aren’t immune to cancer (“Big”). Many people in our society claim that the medical industry, along with the government, is keeping the cure to cancers suppressed. In figure 2 we see a perfect example of how society sees the scientists and doctors involved. This conspiracy has been around for quite some time and it’s mostly because some believe that the cancer war is just one big fraud (Michael Higgins). Such a conspiracy, is very …show more content…

They can get cancer as easily as any nonmedical person would. As a result, there is no way these doctors would keep quiet if the cure to cancer was out there due to the fact they aren’t heartless robots who would let a loved one die knowing that they could get their hands on the one thing that could save them. There are many oncologists who are in the business to honestly help and make a difference in the world. Michael Higgins, a cancer patient, states in an interview “I have been fortunate because almost all of them have been remarkably compassionate and caring people. At least one of them was motivated to pursue cancer research by the loss of a close relative.” This makes it evident that there are doctors who have dedicated their career to working hard, conducting research, and trying to find the end to this horrible disease. If the cure was really out there, then there wouldn’t be so much effort given by doctors. Instead the industry would be more laid back and nonchalant but, that isn’t the case. Just like there’s evil in this world, there is also good (Michael Higgins).
While it seems to be that the conspiracy cannot be true, it is very evident why some had hope that the conspiracy was true. The main reason some believe this conspiracy is true is because cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many are wrapped up in this idea that the medical industry, along with the government, is only out to get money. There are many who

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