The Problem Of The Pop Music Industry

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The idea that businesses expand by taking advantages of consumers ' weaknesses is obvious to most people. By concentrating on the areas that the consumers are susceptible, many businesses annually make sales based on same type of audience over and over again. An example is the pop music industry. Those categorized under "Pop" always have a set target: young children and teenagers, especially those who watch Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. To target these audiences, the pop music industry tends to produce songs that are catchy and easy to sing-along such as those by Hillary Duff and Miley Cyrus. They are not necessarily about producing quality music, but more of those that can catch the minds of youngsters. Their success thrives because …show more content…

So, how do businesses determine whether they should exploit the weaknesses of the consumers or adhere to the quality more? What condition or situation sets two types of business policies apart? The answer lies in the size of market. Businesses in the industries of big and guaranteed markets often exploit the consumers ' weaknesses, as described in the case of pop music industry. The big and guaranteed markets usually have limited number of major companies that are successful. Such markets include music, selected types of automobiles, and computers. Because the market is big, the presence of consumers is guaranteed. Hence, the success comes to the business that can best target the weaknesses of consumers and produce largest amount of sales. On the other hand, small and fickle markets demand quality. As seen in the case of freelance writing industry, there are some cases in which there are many small businesses trying to gain the attention of selected number of consumers. In these types of businesses, the survival requires finding what the consumer needs and delivering them in the prompt manner. That is why even though many people try to make money from online affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, only few people consistently make living out of it. The success depends on addressing the consumers ' needs since so-called "weaknesses" do not really produce

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