The Problem With Employee Safety Essay

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Employers spend thousands of dollars to ensure workplace safety. However when an accident occurs, and company production and sales are at stake, many overlook operational best practices in business ethics. Today, companies are greatly impacted by societies evolvultion toward a “good” place for everyone diverse in culture, religion, and socioeconomic background. This trajectory drives social changes, activists, and theorists who believe attaining “the good” is worth pursuing and has no boundaries. As Aristotle noted, the end goals of political and individual well-being are justice and happiness (Collins 2015). In examining the “Trouble in the Truss Construction Shop” case study, a pragmatic approach was used to ethically formulate possible remedies to the company’s issue with employee safety. Explanation of the problem and viewpoints One week ago, John Craftsman, a company employee severely injured his hand while pushing a piece of wood through a table saw during his shift at the Truss Construction Shop. Mr. Craftsman is the third accident in the current quarter that has workers in the shop upset and claiming unsafe working conditions. The workers have reported to OSHA and the local newspaper that the company has failed to accept responsibility for employee safety. The quarrel over who is the blame for the accident has caused unwanted publicity and could potentially jeopardize business sales. A thorough examination of the employee and company’s viewpoints were

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