Legal, Safety and Requlatorly Requirement in the Workplace Essay

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The process of following a case according to court rules is known as litigation. In the current American workplace there many disputes which cannot go an ignored, it is evident that compassion and common sense in the workplace has been replaced. Employees, business managers and any other person in the workplace should importantly abide by all laws and regulations to protect the organization. It is unlawful as well as immoral to deny a person opportunity basing on his race, sexual orientation and colour. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has to act within their mandate. The Human Resource Department should facilitate this by setting up a structured net in which these laws will be enforced in the workplace to ensure the safety, …show more content…

A number of laws have been passed, implemented and amended by the United States congress to tackle disputes resolutions, employee and employer rights just but a few. Over time there has been change of behaviour. The workforce has embraced ligation in order to reduce disputes and turnovers .There by replacing common sense and compassion. In the workplace you find that it is now more leaning towards legal and regulatory requirements .The human resource department is in charge of training, educating, enforcing legal and regulatory requirements. . Regulatory requirements are enforced to protect the company or organization, its associates, patients, patient’s family, staff, and all that are incorporated with the business itself. The responsibility of the human resource department is to have knowledge of the law and teaching the rules and regulations. On a daily basis human Resource department deals with legal, safety and regulatory requirements. Understanding fundamental regulatory and regulations will help managers in dealing any organization into a lawsuit filed my employees. The Human Resource department works with managers to make sure that written policies are in place, communication of the policy are understood by the employee. Agreeing with the fact the current trend favors litigation. Litigation has replaced common sense and compassion in today’s world. Almost every dispute in today’s workplace is solved in court. There was a time when employee trusted and

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