The Problems of Aging on Elderly

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Ageing refers to change with respect to time. In human beings ageing refers to physical and mental changes with respect to time. As the time passes a person grows old and his physical body becomes weak but his mentality has increased due to experiences.In scientific language senescenceis the term used for aging process. It is measured by the person’s date of birth which comes once in a year. The process of ageing is so interesting because it starts by your birth when you open your eyes for the first time in this world and then stops by your death. Ageing is a very important part of life and daily round about 100,000 people die worldwide due to ageing related problems or diseases.
There are many types of ageing such as biological ageing (ageing in which biological changes take place within the body), social ageing (how should people react when they grow old), universal ageing (that all people share), probabilistic ageing (changes that may occur to some but not to others it also include diseases) etc.[1][Wikipedia]
When we talk about signs of ageing, different kinds of signs are being shown by ageing at different developmental stages. Just like during childhood due to aging process child is growing and bones are becoming strong and cells are dividing rapidly and body is developing and organs are becoming mature. But when you are fully mature (after 30) your body starts reverse process. Body starts becoming weak and bones also become weak

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