Essay about The Process of Giving Maintenance to a Ship

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A docking survey should be carried out twice within a 5 year period. The intermediate survey must be completed within 3 years. Preparation for dry dock begins after the ship sails from its previous one. A dry-dock list of new items is created with specification sheets describing individual jobs. These sheets are compiled into a dry dock file which some time before the due date of the docking is submitted to several dry docks for pricing.
As the ship was due in for routine maintenance, one of the main jobs during this maintenance for the electrical department was to replace the Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system. This system suppresses corrosion on the wetted surface of the hull using an arrangement of hull mounted …show more content…

It helps you identify which tasks need to be completed on time for the whole job to be done on time and it also identifies which task can be delayed if resources need to be reallocated to catch up on missed or overrunning task.

The critical path for my project is as shown above. It shows the fastest time (red arrows) it would take to completely remove and replace the Cathelco Anodes and also gives a better understanding of what task need to be completed on time to make sure the job is done and completed on time without any problems.

Indicate the Dummy Task:

The Dummy task for my job is obtaining the Permit to Work and gathering all the tools required to start the job. These two task can be done at the same time as there are two electricians and only one of them was needed to sign the PTW as one of them was assisting. The other Dummy task was making sure everything is isolated and putting up the scaffolding. These two task can be done together at the same time as they are done by two different groups of people. This second group of Dummy task also shows that if there was a delay in gathering the tools or filling the permit to work, the following task would not be affected as it could be started at a later time and would not therefore affect the critical path. This Dummy task helps make the preparation for the job more better and also reduces the amount of time it would take to get the job started.

Describe the Critical Resources:

There were two

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