The Importance of Deadlines in the Military Essay

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I’m writing this essay about how important it is to maintain deadlines. Deadlines are defined as something that must be done within a certain amount of time. The lesson that should be learned when it comes to deadlines is how to manage your time efficiently. When you can fulfill a deadline it shows to your peers and leaders that you are a committed person to the task that is given. Time frames for deadlines can vary from short or long term depending on what it is. Without a deadline to meet you could simply drag out whatever it is you’re working on for as long as possible, which is hardly a productive way of working. It is therefore important to meet any deadlines that have been set, because there is an
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Deadlines are particularly important to meet when you are a leader of soldiers. Deadlines keep your mind focused on what you need to do and by when. Everything done in the military is based on time and deadlines. Whether is time to eat or get ready for a mission or even just a simple exercise. Reason for this is because setting everything up in a timely manner which helps keep everything organized; meet deadlines, and increase maximum productivity. Time is something that you can’t get back once it’s lost so it’s best to manage your time as much as possible. Each day the in the military in constructed around a time schedule, from the beginning of the day till the end at COB. First of all the military is all about being organized, using time management is the best way to stay completely organized and prioritize task. This way when you have tasked that need to be done you set when they have to be done at a certain time, by who and get it done at that time. This way people aren’t trying to this or try to do that all at the same time, and nothing will ever get done at that designated time with the work divided. With time management you set task #1, task #2, task #3 etc. in a timely manner to ensure each task gets done on time. This also helps keep everything and everyone looking professional as possible and maintain order. The military is all about looking professional and staying well

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