The Production Of Lean Manufacture And How It Can Be Applied Within A Manufacturing Environment Essay

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Literature Review

The purpose of this literary review is to achieve insight into lean manufacture and how it can be applied within a manufacturing environment. With global contention, it is important for maker to remain competitive in their respective marketplace and to understand the principles of lean manufacturing and the step to implement them to ensure that they are on the leading edge of manufacturing. This literary review describes the below mention principles.
Birth place of lean and Origins of mass production

Fred Winslow Taylor, a foundry manager from Philadelphia, lay the foundation for mass yield (Dennis, 2002). He was the first to systematically apply scientific principles to manufacturing. His many innovations involved: Standardized work classifying the finest and easiest way to do the business; Reduced cycle meter the time it takes for a given process; Time and question study - a peter for developing standardized work; Measure and analysis to continually improve the process. The Francis Scott Key to mass production was not the assembly credit line (Dennis, 2002). Rather, it was the thorough interchangeability of region and ease of assembly. These innovations, in bout, make the assembly line possible.

Henry Fords ' conveyor system at the Ford plant, allowed for mass production (Tapping,2007). The moving assembly line brought the car past the stationary worker. (Dennis, 2002) The assembly line decreases walk time, and most prominently, linked

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