The Program Oriented Evaluation Approaches Essay

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Activity 1 Chapter 6 (Page 153)–Objectives/Program-Oriented Evaluation Approaches (OOEA): 20 Points 1. In one sentence, describe the Objectives Oriented Evaluation Approach to program evaluation. The assessment is used to decide whether a program accomplishes the goals of the program and ensures stakeholders stay on task producing constantly improving results by inspecting all areas of the program, including determining needs, analyzing program costs, examining employee roles and their responsibilities, conducting an economic and efficiency audit, and deciding the next steps the program should undertake. 2. Take one program in your school district and describe how the OOEA Approach could be used to evaluate its efficacy. Westside Consolidated School District participates in the Summer Food Service Program that provides free meals for individuals aged eighteen and under. An experienced unbiased evaluator should lead the evaluation and preferable have experienced unbiased assistants (i.e. out of the district evaluators or evaluators with no direct contact or vested interest in the program). The evaluation should involve the inspection and understanding of the stated goals of the program (i.e. to provide meals to students eighteen and under in the summer). Stated goals should be analyzed to identify vague or redundant goals. A prior Risk Assessment Matrix is then used, modified or new one created to identify common issues of similar programs compared to the program
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