The Progressive Er An Age Of Ambition And Brutal Competition

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Name: Danielle Benjamin
Progressive Essay
English 8-, Mr. Del Ferraro
Social Studies 8-, Mrs. Crisafulli
Date 12/18/14 The Progressive Era was an age of ambition and brutal competition between the people who are to this day credited with building the backbone of the American economic society. Although, even in the early years of industry, getting to the top comes with manipulation especially for the business titans of the time, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. Contrary to popular belief in those days, these men were not honourable business men. Yet, this wasn’t uncovered until reformers finally started exposing the lies buried behind the corporations in 1890 through 1920. The reason most people in Manhattan (the most common place of business transaction during the time) chose to trust in these businesses was because the owners actually started with nothing. Some people even said that they they turned straw into gold. Yet, what they really did was get other people to turn the straw into gold and take all the credit, and more importantly the money. During oppression many employees felt they had to make violent retaliations which resulted in the Homestead Act, Muckrakers, Ida Tarbell the Anti-Trust Act and many other unions, all with good reason.
The business men of the Progressive age are believed to have come up with the most cunning and genius production strategies in our history. These strategies robbed successful business owners of their jobs and employees their…
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