The Pros And Cons Of A Narcissist

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Quest came in to make a video about how to rid a narcissist from your life this is another one of those videos and I'm surprised they haven't done yet there's so much embedded into the contact that I often forget to isolate certain topic. Anyway what isolated and we'll talk about it today. The narcissist is not the easiest thing in the world to do mainly because they are leaving is their decision. A narcissist decides when here she is through with you not the other way around. So they've I didn't find something in were about you that they feed from and what organism do you know of that balance he really rid itself of its food source. Aunt Minnie in there may not be any actually so the best thing …show more content…

I don't want to be in this relationship or friendship or whatever anymore that doesn't work also I'm making the assumption that you don't live with this person if you live with them all I can offer our survival tips and you can see my phone with your narcissists part one and two videos for those. I can't tell you how to get a narcissist out of your house because I live alone and I actually really like it away so is anyone listening knows how to get a mark out of your house please leave it in the comments no because I couldn't tell you sort out here in our goal this video is to turn the narcissist off free ways to do this and get them to essential legal board and just leave you alone many people refer to this is the grey rock method I haven't personally research grey rock I've just strong enough conclusions from people's comments in The Commons christian what it is parallel that or they may be entirely different but hopefully you'll benefit from them either way. There are three ways to turn Narcissus of and eventually get them to leave you alone it's kind of like our cats prefer their prey to Be Alive at least for a little while while …show more content…

In a few times where I get loot in an hour's lighting it it didn't work that I would call those with 3 out of the 10th but 7 times out of 10 I promise you the request as magically disappears I don't know what it is but it works so try that. Text thing you can do to get rid of a narcissist is similar to the first and that's initiating you'll be the first to come up with ideas suggestions playdate outings activities you plan it first. Now Traders I could Simply Be a trip to the movies it's the fact that it's your idea you're the one leading the relationship you not allowed to be the leader today are you making these suggestions like this it makes me feel like a child. Adult and balance relationship meaning both people make suggestions and contribute to the relationship narcissist don't like feeling laid in any way they are the line leader in will be damned if anyone tries to take that spot from them but the funniest thing about them though is that they want none of the responsibility that comes with being the leader. But that's a whole nother video so yes initiate initiate often it will be such a turn on to

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