The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Abortion Abortions happen daily whether people agree or disagree. There are a lot of people out there that argue if it is ethically okay to abort an unborn child. A lot of people even bring up religion in the deciding factor, but what if the person who needs one isn't religious or has a good reason for not being able to carry a child. Some women cannot financially afford to birth and raise a kid, so abortion is their only option. Many universities conduct studies everyday, and the University of California at San Francisco conducted a survey over women being denied abortions. According to researchers at UCSF, “ women were three times more likely than the women who successfully obtained abortions to fall below the poverty line within the subsequent two years” (Procon 4). Abortions are being denied to women who can’t afford the hardships and payment of a child. Doctors who deny abortions are only hurting the women and her path to being economically stable. 76% of women who were denied abortions from clinics fell below the poverty line set in California. A woman should be able to make her own decisions, especially in dealing with her body and future. It’s not ethical to expect a woman to care for a baby she doesn’t want and especially can’t afford. If a women gets pregnant but doesn’t have enough money to afford the upcoming baby, she is the only one who should be able to decide how to handle it. Reproductive decisions help women not have a financial disadvantage. Modern

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