The Pros And Cons Of Advertising

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In modern day society, everything revolves around money. People sit in rooms all day trying to control how you think, thinking it will influence your actions. These people are advertisers, and their job is to schedule you to have certain thoughts at certain times in order to gain your attention and get you to buy something. It is the most subtle form of manipulation, mainly because one does not even need to know that they are being tricked. Everything has some form of advertising on it, from videos to books to even the copy of the US Constitution that is required in every classroom. While advertising may promote free trade, its manipulative tactics ultimately harm the people they are pandering to.
It is perfectly reasonable to believe that advertising can do good, but those who support advertising forget that the bad outweighs the good. The good that the people in support of advertising normally references can be seen through ads such as those done by the Red Cross to get people to donate blood (Red Cross). The poster repeatedly calls for the audience to save lives, saying that it is easy, won’t take up much time, and that it can help unite the people in one cause. Saving lives is an excellent cause, and it is posters like these that support advertising, but it is notably mainly because the Red Cross exists as a nonprofit organization that serves only to help others. People still tend to promote other advertisements, but they tend to only focus on the ones promoting

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