The Pros And Cons Of Being A Mother

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A mother gives birth to a child, but what makes her a mom? A mom is someone who ultimately takes care of her children, and does everything in her power to help her children succeed. A mother is someone who has a child and only takes the necessary steps to care for her child/children. A mom puts copious amounts of love and care into her child/children. By turning mothers into moms, the next generation of children will be well mannered, smart, and be prepared for their futures. A mother does not understand what it truly takes to be a mom. After giving birth to her child, a mother either does not care for the child at all, or she only does what is necessary. A mother thinks that once she gives birth, her job in the child’s life is done. She may make sure that her child has food, shelter, and clothing, but she may not give them what they need the most: love and care. A mom does everything a mother does, and much more. Moms focus on preparing their children to have successful futures. They want their children to be happy, feel loved, and feel cared for. A mom will go out of her way to make sure that her children will always have someone who they can count on.
One major difference between being a mother and being a mom is their stance on education. A mother will send her child to school because, legally, she must. But what if school were …show more content…

Most mothers do not care what their children are doing, as long as they are not bothering her. If her child is out until late at night with their friends at some unknown location, a mother would shake it off as if it were no big deal. Mothers do not encourage their children to play sports or do any other activities because it would be an inconvenience to the mother. Taking the children to practices, especially if there was more than one child, would take away from the time the mother could be doing activities that she wants to

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