The Pros And Cons Of Business Communication

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On the other hand, the potential for misinterpretation is growing with the use of electronic devices. “Most business communication is now done via e-mails, text, instant messaging, intranets, blogs, websites and other technology-enabled media-sans body language”-opens the door for misconception (Tardanico). In this fast-paced world we live in, people are stressed, rushed, making deadlines and frequently do not take the time to consider the possible irritants of their writing. They just hit send and go. Oftentimes, people do not consider the conflicts that can blow up over the tone of an e-mail or even the importance of it. Does all capital letters mean someone is yelling at me? Or is a simple yes, no, or okay a sign that the person does not want to take part in conversation? Adversely, does a smiley face or a thumbs-up solidify that the person acknowledges or is in agreement with you? Conclusions can be drawn on startling little information. If by chance, a cold inclusion is being drawn, or “experiencing a conflict based on an electronic exchange, pick up the phone or have a face-to-face conversation to clear things up” (Tardanico). It is important to “take some extra time to check your own communications to ensure that you aren't unwittingly sending in an accurate message” (Tardanico). “Leaders must consider the impact on business relationships and the ability to effectively collaborate, build trust, and create employee engagement and loyalty” (Tardanico).

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