The Pros And Cons Of College Students

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Just Go With It The structured schedules offered by most high schools leaves students with limited control over how their time is spent, but everything changes when college arrives. Many students struggle with the newfound sense of freedom and fail to make sure their responsibilities are taken care of. Studies show that about 30% of freshman in college don’t return for their sophomore year. On top of that studies have found that only 3 out of 5 four-year college students graduate within their first 6 years of school. A number of factors such as high tuition rates, high stress levels, lack of motivation, and numerous others all contribute to dropout rates. Obviously there is something missing for most students as they make the jump from high school to college. One of the most valuable traits incoming college students can learn is the ability to adjust to change; this is done by putting the problem into perspective, changing your own point of view, and making the best out of any situation. Learning how to be flexible will not only help you survive your first year of college, but also help you succeed in life. Putting the problem into perspective might sound difficult but it is actually very easy. Most students tend to let problems become larger than life. “If I don’t pass this test then my life is literally over.” This can be heard at least once in nearly every classroom across the country around testing time. Amazingly enough, headlines on students actually dying

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