The Pros And Cons Of Components In Marketing

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The last unit I completed in my Theater II class was Marketing. This was a very long unit with roughly twenty-two to twenty-five days. However, this amount of time was necessary to complete everything leading up to the last days before the performance. My group members were Sage, Matt M, and Matt S. Some of my group members accomplished more than others, however, we completed lots of components for the performance. This unit was the most challenging unit of the three. The marketing unit definitely put up some obstacles, but we conquered them. The first obstacle we faced was organizing an interview with KNUJ and buying an ad to promote the production. Sage and I contacted KNUJ via cell phone and got plenty of information and options that…show more content…
This was also another task that Sage and I completed by ourselves. First, Sage and I had to figure out the formatting for the pamphlet in order to get it to print right. We then included topics such as where, how, when, why in the pamphlet in order to keep it simple for the children. While Sage finished up the pamphlet I organized a set of emails to contact teachers, however, Sage informed her mom Rhonda who told us that many of the teachers we picked will not be available during the time our class was. Rhonda then offered to communicate with teachers in order to get it approved for us to come over and visit. However, the day of, after printing over two-hundred copies, we were told we were not allowed to go which frustrated everyone because of the effort we put into it. The next components that we completed which are smaller compared to the previous ones are social media promoting and driving around hanging up posters. First, my group made three social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We posted on them frequently and posted about the performance on our personal accounts as well. As far as driving around and promoting, we drove to roughly twenty plus businesses and asked if we were able to hang a poster. This took roughly two hours. Many businesses were very nice and allowed us to promote the performance. Lastly, some other small on the side components I
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