The Pros And Cons Of Creationism

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“Science has proof without any certainty. Creationism has certainty without any proof” (Ashley Montagu). For many years, there has been a controversial debate on whether creationism is a viable model of origins for today’s modern scientific era. Creationism is the concept that the universe and all life was created through the powers of the divine, otherwise known as God. Evolutionism, the other origin theory, is the concept that all life evolved from a primordial form, which slowly evolved into various species through gene transformations. Two well known scientists, Bill Nye and Ken Ham, debated this topic and provided their thoughts on both theories. Evolutionism states that the universe and the species on the Earth took billions of years to evolve. The scientist to support this claim was Bill Nye, who argued his theory with scientific discoveries and logic. Nye’s main point of attack was to target an immense flaw in the creationist theory, which is its inability to provide predictions like evolution science. Science, in terms of evolution, can predict the species of animals found in a region and how they lived. Creationism’s inability to predict is likely the reason Bill Nye does not find this theory viable, because he is always searching for evidence instead of faith. This evolution scientist also targeted the faith in Noah’s Ark, which is the ark that provided safe travels to Noah, his family, and many animals. Nye stated that many skilled shipwrights were

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