The Pros And Cons Of Criminal Justice Professionals

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In recent years there has been an increase in litigation involving criminal justice professionals and civilians. Considering a criminal justice professional is employed by Federal, State, and local government, not only is the criminal justice professional being sued but the Federal, State, and local government which employed them. A prisoner or civilian have the ability to make such action due to the legal right granted to them by the Federal Torts Claim Act. The practice of civil suit filings by prisoners and citizens against criminal justice professionals has become a trend. Civil suits which bring to the attention a range of issues related to civil liability in our criminal justice system such as police misconduct or unethical treatment in correctional facilities. The advantages and disadvantages associated with civil suits filed against criminal justice professionals are vast. The question of whether or not an individual constitutional right was violated during an interaction with a criminal justice professionals are often the reason for a suit being filed. Criminal justice professionals are charged with upholding the peace and ensuring that laws set by federal, state, and local governments are being followed by citizens, and if not enforce penalties. Criminal justice professionals whether an officers or an official are held at a higher standard compared to most civilian occupations. Being that criminal justice professionals hold a tremendous responsibility they are

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