The Pros And Cons Of Crossfit

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CrossFit is a big deal these days, so you've probably heard about it. If you meet someone who does it, we bet they'll brag about it in the first couple of minutes. Every fitness regimen has its ups and downs; it is only important to have much more advantages and health benefits than shortcomings. To find out what is crossfit, why it became so popular and why it's not that healthy for your body, keep reading.
Every once in a while, we get new fitness fad. Crossfit craze started more than a decade ago and seems like it will stay, at least for a while longer. The program was created by Greg Glassman, and is considered to be both – physical exercise and competitive sport. Elements of crossfit can also be found in other fitness regimens like weightlifting, gymnastics of high intensity interval training, and it has gained a cult following over the years, with more than 13.000 affiliated gyms all over the world.
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Nowadays, it's all about games, money and promoting their athletes. These competitions are being held in California during summer, and hard workouts in excessive heat are often reason even the most trained athletes are giving up due to exhaustion.
Exercises are revealed only a few hours before games. There are often surprise elements, non-typical regimens because of “athletes should be ready for anything” philosophy.
Athletes should be tested in each category when their bodies are rested to be able to respond efficiently. The most rounded athlete should win, not one who can avoid Rhabdomyolysis or a heat stroke. These games have some good and exciting events, but some parts are cringe worthy. When people see notable athlete faint or drop out of the competition because it was too hard and causing him or her to fear for their lives, how do you expect people to show at your gym door and pay for

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