The Pros And Cons Of DC Comics And DC Comics

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In 1934 a man named Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson created a comic book company named, “Detective Comics” and shortly after this renamed the company to, “DC comics” DC comics when on to create iconic characters like, Batman, Superman, The Flash, and many more which are still notable to this day. Shortly after this in the in the Year 1939 a man named Martin Goodman started his own comic book company as well. He named it, “Marvel comics” you may recognize the name from the name from the multimillion dollar films they make based on Marvel’s comic book. It has been nearly ninety years since the both these comic book industries were founded and both companies have a multitude of, tv shows, films, and video games based off of the stories and characters in their comics. Personally I believe that both companies have had their fair share of both success and failure. But any time there is two rivaling companies like these there will always be hardcore fans who say one is better than the other. One of the biggest arguments throughout the comic book fan based community is to determine which company between DC comics & Marvel comics has the best tv shows, films, and video games. There are some people who believe DC comics is the one with the best, tv shows, films, and videos and there is those who would disagree and say Marvel is the supreme company. In this negotiation essay I will discuss both the positives and the negatives, of boths side’s, tv shows, films, and video games.
I will first

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