The Pros And Cons Of Domestic Violence

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When love turns to terror. In other words, one of the most insidious forms of violence is domestic violence that takes place in the home between man and women, husband and wife. It turns love into terror. It explored the widespread phenomenon of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse of women, men in intimate relationships. Also, our society safeguards the sanctity of the home. Like, domestic violence has traditionally been considered a private matter, not the business of the police, the courts, or the state.
Until recently, in fact, wife beating has often been something to joke about at cocktail parties. But the seriousness and savagery of battering relationships cannot be underestimate. Murder, suicide, permanent injury, kidnapping, incest, and child abused are all inherent aspects of this syndrome. As, and if as a feminist, I believe that our word will never be rid of violence until all societies treat men and women as equals, I also believe it is true that the men and women will never be equals until women are physically safe in their own homes.
Furthermore, power and abuse of power. Those who have experienced sexual violence are victims of abuse of power. Children are vulnerable to adult abuse of power because they lack understanding and resources for self- protection. Also some children are physically overpowered and raped by men who have no concern for their well –been. As, some are sexually exploited and then intimidated into silence by being made to fear for

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