The Pros And Cons Of Faith

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It is not whether a person has faith or they don’t, or whether they believe it or not. Everyone has faith, and we all trust things that we cannot prove all the time. However, how reliable or reasonable is faith? The term ‘faith’ is commonly referred to having complete trust in someone or something, or even having a strong belief in a religion. However, there may be no tangible evidence. On the other hand, reason contradicts faith, where information is taken and compared to the knowledge you already have, and a conclusion is produced.

Some may say that faith is an irrational source due to their religion and beliefs. For example, Jihadists are mislead and they think God will promise them a paradise as a reward for sacrificing themselves, like suicide bombing. They are trained to disregard all sorts of reasoning and put complete faith in Jihad. Even though people are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to enter their paradise, it is seen as irrational. This is because it leads to having the issue to be unethical due innocent people getting hurt and being in deadly attacks due to one person willing to sacrifice their life, so that they can get to the “Paradise” that God has promised them. By using reason behind this example, even after sacrificing …show more content…

Due to this event, people came up with the theory of having faith and belief to be the key factor of success. In the beginning, the stock market rose continually due to the amount of trust and faith people had in it. Unfortunately, many started doubting the system, and it lead to the stock market crashing in 2007. Much like many other theories, especially economic theories, this was mostly based on observation of the market. From what was written above, faith is rational due to having evidence pointing towards the fact of having faith is the key to

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