The Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Corn

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Genetically modified corn a plant/ crop that has been genetically modified through the addition of a small amount of genetic material from other organisms through molecular techniques. The USA provides about 40% of the world production of maize and other important countries including China, Brazil, Mexico, India, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Argentina. Corn discussed food production across the world. Products such as corn oil, corn flour used for tacos and corn puffs, cereals including cornflakes and alcoholic drinks for example beer. Over two-thirds of maize produced is used in animal feed. There are certain pros and cons relating to maize that will be discussded.

Corn can be genetically altered to make it more palatable and tastier to consumers. The flavour of corn is significantly amplified when it is genetically modified. Its flavour enhances considerably and also incredibly sweeter for many customers. Those who dislike eating corn because of the
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Corn is always being modified and adjusted on a consistent basis. Many studies have been taken, and mostly all of them have shown that the consumption of genetically modified corn has lead to severe increases in allergic reactions. These allergic reactions can be instigated by a lot of factors, however, a person who avoids genetically modified corn still have a high chance of still being a risk.

Major risks and long-term damage to the environment occurs when corn is grown in a hospitable farming area. In many instances, genetically modified corn is grown in areas where there is crossbreeding with non-genetically modified plants. For example, when weeds that were not modified begin to cross over with the corn. This leads to farmers having to increase their efforts of genetic modification, as corn that is grown to be resistant to herbicides can result in the growth of weeds and other plants that are also unable to be killed off with
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