The Pros And Cons Of Going To College

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High School students will often say that there senior year is a big year. This is often because of the onerous decisions being made. These decisions can be small or life changing; such as anything from choosing a prom date to deciding whether or not to attend college. But why is the decision of going to college or not going to college such a tough question to answer? This is often because students are often more than not still comparing, and contrasting the pros and cons of choosing the next pathway that taylors best to their strengths and weakness. Although individuals can be successful without a college education, they are more likely to become a smarter, and more well rounded individual.
To decide whether or not to go to college one must decide why it would be best for them to choose an extended education plan. One reason why it is best to go to college is because of a increase financially. According to “The Common Application” if one were to only graduate high school, but did not finish their degree they would make on average $1.3 million in their lifetime, while as a one who had graduated with their Bachelors degree would make on average $2.3 million dollars in there lifetime. Although the cost of college is quite blood-curdling from the eye of a young adult it will pay off literally. This means that individuals who choose the college pathway will be better off financially because college is the best investment one can make for themselves.
Another reason why college

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