The Pros And Cons Of Gun Rights

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Guns have always been a topic of discussion. Many people have dedicated their lives to support or to fight gun rights. Gun rights are not only a civil rights issue, but it’s also a rights issue. On one side, the supporting side, people think guns should not be taken away and made illegal. The supporting side believes guns are a necessity for protection and a natural right. It is written in the constitution under the second amendment that it is, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” The other side, the side fighting gun rights thinks that guns are an unnecessary evil; they cause death when it’s not necessary, and in the wrong hands it could be very dangerous. We have seen this in numerous school shooting and public shootings over the years. Gun rights are not just a hot topic between citizens, the government is divided too. Some government officials think guns should be fully legal, other think it should be illegal and that all guns should be taken away from the people. This is a huge ongoing rights debate, because both sides have solid platforms and dedicated members. I believe people should have gun rights, having a gun to protect your rights as a person and as a citizen of the United States is a necessary evil to keep the peace. Taking away the rights citizens have to own guns will result in more violence and will create a bigger issue, because the people using their guns legally for protection will be left unprotected from other people who take advantage of the

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