The Pros And Cons Of High Bounce Balance Bike

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fall over. The frame is built from a steel frame, which is not only lightweight but also durable. With these features, your kids learn balance faster than when using a tricycle.

Weighs 6.6 pounds
Sleek red design
Weight capacity of up to 55 pounds.
Suitable for kids above 3
Puncture-resistant tires.
Adjustable seats and handlebars

Not suitable for kids under 3.
Might be too small for some 5 year old

4. High Bounce Balance Bike
Kids drive joy from the presents given to them. There are many types of gifts available for children that will make them appreciates you more. However, none of these gifts compare to the High Bounce Balance Bike. This balance bike brings happiness and creates lasting memories in the mind of kids. …show more content…

This makes it difficult to choose a suitable bike. The High Bounce Balance Bike solves this problem for you with its adjustable seats. The height of the seat can be adjusted from 11-inches to 16-inches. The adjustable seat height of the bike can adapt to your kids as they grow. With this, you no longer have to worry about buying another balance bike for your them as they grow.

EVA Airless Tires
For children, every surface is good for a perfect ride. Some of these kids, do not worry about sharp rocks or thorns that might puncture the tires. Therefore, the perfect tires for kids are airless tires. This balance bike is fitted with EVA airless tires that are designed to ride over any type of surface without any fear of puncture. With these type of tires, you don’t have to worry about constant repairs. Lastly, the textured surface of these bike increases its grip on any type of terrain.

Hand Brake System
Getting a balanced bike with a hand brake system is rare, since most of these bikes require kids to put down their feet to act as brakes. However, some kids are too short to use their feet as brakes. This is why the High Bounce Balance bike introduced a handbrake system, to provide a safer ride to kids as young as 18 months ago. The handbrake works by connecting to the rear tire, and prevents your kids from bumping into

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