The Pros And Cons Of Learning Disabilities

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Juvenile who have a learning disability are treated a lot different than people without the disability because they have programs that they have to help them and figure out why they are acting out.The first thing that they do to juveniles who have learning disability is that they enroll them in schools at a detention facility.After they have been their for 3 days or more their special education status is committed to either checking their existing Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or they do an assessment at the detention center. The problem with the detention center is that they don’t keep track of the child’s record, or asses has to how many days the child has been in detention.The child’s parents play a role in this to they get to anger and frustrated with their child’s disability that it interferes with their school work. Kids/Teens you have a learning disability and a non-handicapped child will be tested to captivate in both of their delinquent behavior.People treat kids with a disability a little differently but is increases the rate of their arrest. When a kid with a learning disability gets arrested they get sent to a mental health facility and depending on the crime that they committie they will be charged with whatever crime they committed. When they bring in a family like a parent for example have to have a the framework trust that requires them to work hard and put in a little more effort to gain it. There’s a lot of programs that helps juvenile
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