The Pros And Cons Of Machismo

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Growing up I always heard children talking about how they wanted to go off to some faraway place like maybe Greece or Germany. The only place I have ever wanted to go way across the border. The Mexico border that is. Why did I choose this location? Well, the reason I choose this location was because my grandparents are from Mexico and when I was a child my grandpa would tell me stories about his time living in Mexico. He told me that way past the border and passed the border towns of Mexico it is actually a very beautiful place. I have seen pictures and videos on my phone but I’ve never seen it in person. How is this location different from the environment I’m accustomed to? Here in America we have many rights, including equal pay, fair trials, etc. but in Mexico the government is corrupt and there isn't equal pay from everyone. Also while in the united states money is valued more than family, in Mexico family is the most important. A mother was the heart of the family. She cooked, cleaned and cared for the children full time. Similar responsibilities were also expected of daughters as it was their job to learn how to be a woman from their mother. Fathers took charge of family decisions, and their authority was rarely challenged by either the mother or children. Machismo is defined as the type of behavior corresponding to traditional ideas about men being strong and powerful. This ideology still hinders gender equality progress in Mexico, but it's not as

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