The Pros And Cons Of Mass Shootings

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The First Amendment of the Constitution says that the Congress cannot make a law that forces people to follow one religion or prohibit free speech. It also says that people have the right to hold peaceful assemblies to make a change. This allows people to have opinions and express them freely as long as they are peaceful.

The article connects to the First Amendment because the NFL players are protesting what they believe in and using freedom of speech. If Congress made a law to throw players in jail who kneeled during the national anthem it would violate the United States Constitution. But, while the First Amendment protects them from being sent to jail, they could still be fired from the NFL. By this point, however, it would be …show more content…

This article talks about Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro wanting to rewrite the country’s constitution, originally written in 1999. The exact changes that would be made to the document are not known, but citizens and leaders of both Venezuela and the United States, including President Trump, believe it will make the government too much like Cuba’s. Cuba has a communist government that controls everything. There will be a vote that many people plan on boycotting, and there have been many protests from all the people who do not want the President of Venezuela to go through with the changes. These strikes are dangerous and have ended up killing many people.

The Twenty-Sixth Amendment of the Constitution reduces the voting age to eighteen years old. It says that a citizen who is eighteen or older cannot be denied the ability to vote by any state because of their age. Until this, in most states, citizens had to be twenty-one years old to vote.

The article and this amendment connect in certain ways. Many Venezuelans do not like their President’s plan to make changes to their country’s constitution. If something like this were to happen in the United States, and citizens were angry at the idea, the people’s voice would need to be heard. With the voting age at eighteen years old, more people could vote against the plan to show the government just how many citizens disagree with making changes to the

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