The Pros And Cons Of Millennials

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From the silent generation, to the baby boomers, and now to the millennials/ Generation X, the never ending question that has always been asked and that is still being asked is, “what is wrong with the younger generation?” In Joel Stein (2013) and Emily Matcher (2012), works on millennials, both writers share their perspectives on millennials and discuss the issues that many find with the young generation. Of course the conclusions that Stein (2013) and Matcher (2012) come to are very different, but they both address the question, are millennials the horrible generation that will amount to nothing like the older generation thinks, or will millennials surprise us all and become the best generation. On one side of this discussion, Matcher (2013) holds fast to the idea that millennials are lazy, entitled, and one of the most narcissistic generations. On the other side, Stein (2013) consents that millennials might be all of those things but that many of the other generations also had all of those bad habits without any of the extraordinary things that millennials bring to the table. My own view is that all the people that were born from 1982 to 2000 are being generalized into this one big generation called millennials. Millennials do not have any worse traits then that of the generations that came before them, but these traits are simply easier to show in this day and age. In fact, I believe that millennials have one of the biggest potentials for good in our world. In Emily

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