The Pros And Cons Of Motherhood

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Motherhood is one of life’s greatest blessings and biggest responsibilities. Whether you have always known you wanted to be a mom or you are unexpectedly becoming one, there are several shocking truths that accompany your new role. If you dare, read one for some seriously shocking motherhood truths.

Childbirth is nothing like the movies

When I was induced at midnight, I fully expected to begin pushing immediately and holding my baby (at most) a few hours later. I had taken all the classes and read all the books, but stories of laboring for 24 hours went right over my head. Once I finally understood that the process would be long and (duh) laborious, I thought for certain that when it came to pushing, it would be just like the movies (a few he-he-hoos and out he comes). Wrong. When I asked how long I would push and why the doctor kept leaving, my meek but stern little nurse told me, “Some people push for 15 minutes...some for two hours.” What?!

Breastfeeding is hard, but stopping is harder
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If you are breastfeeding, it’s hard and it hurts. A lot. No breastfeeding ads or materials depict a wincing mother and gagging baby, but that’s reality. A few lactation consultants told me, “Stick with it for four weeks and you’ll have the hang of it.” That was a lie. It took six weeks of dread, pain, gore and mess to get comfortable breastfeeding. I had several visits with a lactation consultant, on some instances considered skipping meals so I wouldn’t have to endure the discomfort, and threatened to injure anyone who considered putting a pacifier, bottle or formula near the mouth of my babe for fear of the dreaded “nipple
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